Ruptures Radio Show // OVERSEAS ENSEMBLE Edition // 8 Jan 2016

“The Overseas Ensemble” is a collaboration between Beirut-based Swiss musician Paed Conca and Sri Lankan music group Sarigama, composed of 4 Sri Lankan nationals who migrated to work in Lebanon

1. The Overseas Ensemble (ch/sri)
2. Maurice Louca (eg)
3. Maryam Saleh & Zeid Hamdan (eg/lb)
4. Alif (iq/ps/eg/lb)
5. The Overseas Ensemble (ch/sri)
6. Fareeq el Atrash (lb)
7. Safar (lb)
8. Mashrou’ Leila (lb)
9. The Overseas Ensemble (ch/sri)
10. The Incompetents (lb)
11. Rene Bandaly [Rabih Beaini edit] (lb)


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