Hisstology presents “œ” by Heroes & Villains

A word from our lovely friends at Hisstology, encountered this morning while sipping a less-than-average morning coffee:

Dear all,

A quick, mandatory – albeit belated – beginning of the year message to wish you all the best for 2012. No exclamation mark needed for such things.

Most importantly, HISSTOLOGY is happy to announce Heroes & Villains‘s new LP, entitled “œ”.

For non-French speakers, it is pronounced ‘e dans l’o’ or ‘oeufs dans l’eau’. It was recorded on 14 tracks in Nairobi and no computer was involved in the making of the record. The cover artwork integrates a picture of rarely encountered members of the Amazonian tribe Mashco-Piro (the photograph was released during the recording’s week-long session). They never asked to be photographed.

You can stream/download H&V’s “œ” here:   http://hisstology.bandcamp.com/album/oe

In other Hisstology-related news:

. “Mutatis Mutandis” from Cosmic Analog Ensemble has been selected among the 12 best tracks of 2011 by the Free Music Archive’s Jason.


. A Sabyl Ghossoub video for Cosmic Analog Ensemble‘s “Ya3tik el 3afieh” title track.


. An interview we did last November with Radio Liban’s Ziad Nawfal, which includes a live improvisation and other exclusive tracks.


Last but not least, you can still feast your ears on the 146 original tracks released on Hisstology in 2011.



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